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Are you planning to relocate to South Africa?



We specialize and have expertise in:

  • Temporary Residence Permit;
  • Permanent Residence Permit - Immigration Permits;
  • Determinations of status/citizenship
    • Work Permits ("worker" category);
    • Study Permits;
    • Business Permits ("self employment/own business" category);
    • Intra Company Work Permits;  
    • Medical Permits;
  • Chartered Accountant Certifications through an associate accountant;
  • Ad hoc newsletters to interested parties in current migration issues;
  • Property acquisition and transfers;
  • Housing and Settlement.




Other Services


In the event of relocation to South Africa, Ida Immigration Practitioners will be able to provide you with information about reliable and professional organizations to assist you with your relocation.

When relocating it is of the utmost importance that not only your person is professionally relocated by our office, but also your valuable household assets.

We therefore recommend that you use a highly professional organization with a reputation to match.



When immigrating to South Africa your property needs will best be served by dealing with reputable specialists in property. Contact us for expert advice and professional service.

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